The Mighty SNUB23

Art Attack

We're very lucky to have one of our great friends, the world-renowned street artist SNUB23, in the studio today painting one of his amazing isometric polyhedron pieces on the wall of our courtyard. Brighton residents will be familiar with his work, especially the (in)famous robot Hammerstein who's intimidating image stares down imperiously from many a wall across the city. He's exhibited and painted at events across Europe including several large pieces at Upfest, the amazing street art and graffiti festival run annually in Bristol. Fresh back from completing a massive commission in China he agreed to pop in and make our office view a little more colourful.

Imagination And Process

Watching him work is like being led on a magical mystery tour. Like watching any stencil artist, there seems to be a plan but it's hard to see initially. Only as the piece begins to come together you get a picture of what the whole will look like. We took some shots of his progress throughout the day to show how it came together. To say we're chuffed to bits with the finished result is a bit of an understatement. Not many people get to look at original artwork of this scale on a daily basis in their place of work.

Lights, Camera, Action

As was always the plan, what we need to do now is sort out our exterior lighting tracks in the courtyard and then we'll have an amazing street-style space with controlled lights for shooting in come rain or shine and day or night. That's not top of our priority list right now but once the summer comes to an end we'll definitely be getting this space ready to shoot in. So if you're looking for a unique location for a street shoot come autumn time then you know where to come.

Massive thanks to SNUB23. Anyone wanting artwork or to discuss a commission, large or small, visit his website here to get in touch with him. He's a super bloke and we think what he's done for us today speaks volumes for how good his artwork is.

We'll finally be writing up the story of the studio build in the next few weeks and watch this space for the next chapter in the evolution of the courtyard later in the year. Well exciting!

Greg & Justin