Silence Is Golden...

But Not For A Blog

We have been manically busy in recent weeks with clients coming into the studio and items arriving or needing collection for shoots for web and catalogue use. Busy is always good, it means we're earning a living and staying out of trouble (mostly). But it also means that some things have to take priority. While we're working flat out on shoots, colour editing and crafting post-production magic, managing logistics and organising the billing, there's not a lot of time left for updating our Instagram and Facebook accounts, our Twitter feed and of course this blog.

Making It Count

It may only take a few seconds to post an image here and write a few words there but there's got to be a reason for it. After our massive shoot for the very vibrant Toby Tiger, we've had a wonderful variety of clients through the studio from the amazing jewellery designer Rina Tairo, the outrageously colourful Pendulum Menswear and one of the most well-established high-end jewellers in The Lanes Number Ten. Each one of them offers something different to their customers and all have amazing products that are just too good not to share as you can see.

An Individual Approach

With our varied client base each requires a different approach to their photography. Setting up the lighting for a clothing shoot differs greatly to how you set up for shooting jewellery and it can vary again depending on the style and colour of jewellery you want to photograph. Then there is the style of shot to consider, what lens to use and how much post-production work is factored in and what shots are needed to achieve the finished image. Intelligent scheduling of studio time can help you a great deal. We try to timetable our jewellery shoots together and get fashion and clothing products photographed over a few consecutive day saves on set up time.

By managing our time a little better in this way we can offer our clients a good deal on the price and spend a few minutes promoting them and sharing how we do what we do. That way everyone wins.

Hopefully it won't be so long until the next one.

Greg & Justin